Adult High School Diploma

Don’t let the lack of a high school diploma stand between you and your future.

Adult High School Diploma programs help adult students complete credits needed for a high school diploma. We recommend that students have completed at least 130 unit credits in high school before enrolling in these programs.

Course work in the Adult High School Diploma program is done by independent study, so you can complete assignments from your home or the library, or any place that you find convenient. You generally come to school and meet with your teacher once or twice a week to turn in your assignments and pick up more work. At the end of every chapter and/or unit, you take a test, earning credits with a passing grade.

To successfully complete the program, you must complete a total of 180 unit credits and pass the California High School Exit Examinations in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Once you have completed all the graduation requirements, you will be awarded a High School Diploma, which you can use for employment and continuing education purposes.


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Adult Education Program
7851 Murray Ave.
Gilroy Adult Education Program
Morgan Hill
Community Adult School
17960 Monterey St.
Morgan Hill Community Adult School
San Benito High School
1220 Monterey St.
San Benito High School Adult Education